Chapter 33: This is not real Edit

Lily's point of view: (Friday) Edit

The car hit her, in the slowest, most painful way possible. I stood there frozen, my eyes wide with shock. Angela. Laying there. She is on the road, just laying there. With a red smear across her body. Just laying there. Not moving. Dead. My thoughts became foggy. I couldn't fully process what was happening. All I remembered before I blacked out was her just lying there. Dead. Not moving. Dead. I will never see her again.

London's point of view: (Friday) Edit

BAM. I closed my laptop in surprise. What was that noise? I thought, glancing around my room in confusion. I slid my laptop under my pillow and walked towards the dining room and looked out the window. There was a shape lying in the middle of the road. A car must have hit her I thought turning away from the window. I pictured the dead body in my mind. Wait... I looked back. No... It can't be. ITS ANGELA. Lying there. In the middle of the road. Dead. No I thought panickingly to myself. Shes just hurt. Alright London? Shes hurt, not dead. But in my heart, I knew that wasn't true. A wave of heat washed over me. "No. She. Can't. Be." I whispered out loud.

"MOM"! I yelled frantically! Mom rushed from the kitchen and looked at me and cocked her head. "What is wrong sweetie?" She asked. "Uh Uh Uh an an--GEL-gel- ela i-eheh" I stammered, my eyes bulging out of their sockets. "What? Use your words like a big girl. You know how to talk, you are nuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh"

Mom looked out the window. I glanced at her. Her face was pale as snow and her icy blue eyes were wide with shock. She rushed out the door, faster than a cheetah. She sprinted over to Angela in a fraction of a second and dragged her off the road, blood dripping off of Angela's clothes. She looked as limp as a damp wash cloth. Mom immediately took out her phone and dialed 911. "STAY THERE!" she shouted to me, her voice raised with shock. "SHES GOING TO THE HOSPITAL!"

In my head, I knew that Angela was dead. I looked at Mom's face, grief welling up in my throat. I took a step back and I think she realized what was going on too. There was no use calling an ambulance. Angela was dead.


I stared at Angela's body. It was wrapped in a white cloth and she was covered with herbs. Angela's funeral. I will never see her again. I glanced at the blue sky. There was not a cloud in sight. How could the sky be so cheerful when my sister died! I looked at Angela. I tried to cry, but I couldn't. All of my emotions were locked inside of me, burdening me. I couldn't get them out. My throat was throbbing with sadness.

I looked at Angela again, then London. Somehow she was smiling. She probably haven't processed that Angela is dead yet. The pain, it is unbearable. I turned around and looked at Angela. Why did you have to punish me by dying? What have I done wrong? I imagined Angela laughing in heaven. She did this just to hurt me! She died to make me feel miserable! I no longer felt depressed. Or angry. Or sad. I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing. All I felt was a blur, a blur of something that I never felt before. I almost stumbled backwards with its weight and effect on me. Grief I thought. What I felt earlier wasn't even the worst effect Angela has had on me. I looked back at Angela. She is dead. I can't pretend that she is alive any longer. I just has to except that yesterday was our final goodbye. "Gwood bye" I whispered softly.

The people buring her, london trying hide smile, going home, memories. (chapter summary)